Vancouver’s Newest Sports Clinic

Interactive Sports is a new healthcare clinic in the Vancouver downtown core dedicated to providing massage therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy  services to people of every walk of life.  As a team of professionals we have a passion for helping people achieve a pain free active lifestyle, as well as helping them reach their fitness goals in whatever endeavour or passion they pursue.

Interactive Sports is excited to welcome a new addition to our team of therapists.  Jane Castillo is a registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC and will be joining us as we head into 2016 with more opportunities to meet your treatment needs.  Jane brings a background in nursing to her practice  as well as an ongoing pursuit of study in the areas of TCM relating to sound and plant based remedies.  You can book in with her now to start you resolutions as soon as you are ready.

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