Lucas Scrivener

Registered Massage Therapist

Lucas completed his degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2005 and followed that up with his diploma in massage therapy from WCCMT in 2005. He believes that there is nothing ailing the body that massage therapy cannot help- from headaches to broken femurs. Through hands-on techniques and teaching clients how to improve their posture and daily ergonomics, he feels that everyone can live a healthier life free of nagging discomfort and limitations.

Health problems in his early twenties gave Lucas a greater understanding of the need for rehabilitation and the role that massage can play in helping the body return to optimal function. He has worked with a variety of athletes, including rowers, soccer players and triathletes. His primary focus is on fascial and deep tissue massage while incorporating osteopathic techniques to help realign the body. Lucas has a passion for understanding the functional components of sport and how massage can aid athletes to perform at the top of their games.

Lucas has a deep love of anatomy and considers the human form to be the most fascinating area of study. He has participated in numerous cadaver labs, has taken further training in osteopathy techniques and looks forward to further opportunities to learn new skills.

Lucas’s first love is soccer and he continues to compete year round. He also enjoys baseball, golf, softball, and rugby. He is a fanatic about most professional sports and enjoys attending live games as often as possible.  Lucas can often be found quoting old movies, taking photographs, listening to live music, brushing up on trivia or working on crossword puzzles.

Treatment Schedule

Monday to Saturday

Email: lucas    (at)