Katie earned her Physiotherapy degree from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney, Australia, and her B.A. in Exercise and Physical Health Education from the University of Victoria.  She is a clinician with an extensive background in exercise rehabilitation and personal training.

Katie is passionate about maximizing her patients’ results by combining manual therapy and active rehabilitation, using modalities such as movement screening, Active Release Techniques, joint and neural tissue mobilization and athletic taping.  She also has a special interest in women’s health, including pre- and post-natal exercise and pelvic floor training.

Katie has worked with a variety of athletes, including Australian Rules Football players, weightlifters, cyclists, golfers, dancers and long-distance runners. As a life-long competitive athlete herself, she understands the importance of pain-free mobility and stability.

Her holistic approach involves a thorough assessment to provide a patient-centered treatment plan, with a strong emphasis on patient education.  She believes in giving her patients the tools they need to become their own best health advocates.  She also values working collaboratively with other health practitioners to ensure that complementary treatments enhance her patients’ rehabilitation.

When she’s not working or studying, you can probably find Katie in the gym practicing her Olympic lifts or outdoors running and/or cycling.  In 2018, she plans to get back into training for triathlons.  As a former competitive gymnast, Katie’s most impressive party trick is to walk on her hands.


Treatment Schedule

Wednesday and  Friday afternoons