Anita Seiz

Movement Analyst and Pilates Specialist

Anita is a dancer trained in both classic and contemporary styles.  As we know, dancers are athletes that train to develop long, lean muscles, incredible balance and lyrical movement. Pilates uses movements similar to dance to develop a strong core, beautiful posture, balanced joint support and graceful motion.

Anita was introduced to Pilates at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and delved deeper into her Pilates education at the University of Calgary's dance program.  In 2002 she graduated from Boditree's comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training program.  In 2004 Anita graduated with distinction from Long Beach Dance Conditioning's highly respected Pilates Technique program under Master Instructor Marie-Jose Blom.  In 2005 she was certified in the Franklin Method, emphasizing dynamic alignment using imagery techniques to re-pattern and expand access to movement potential.  In 2008 Anita received her certificate in Movement Analysis through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies.  Over the next two years she had the rare opportunity to assist and guest instruct in the Vancouver Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies Canada program under the direction of its founder, Janet Kaylo.

Anita has been working as a movement educator since 2002.  Pilates is the application through which she uses the Laban Movement Analysis framework (to observe, cue, explore and dialogue about movement) and the Franklin Method( to use imagery and movement re-patterning techniques) to assist her clients with their movement goals. 

Anita continues to dance and be involved in the city's dance scene.  Mostly she's a busy mother trying to keep up with her son! They can most often   be found reading, strolling the seawall and exploring Vancouver's beaches and forests.

Anita is available for Pilates Bookings Mon-Thurs at Interactive Sports Clinic

To book in with Anita please email her at