Amanda Rivera


Amanda has a passion for human physiology and anatomy, and earned her Bachelors of Science (Kinesiology) degree at Simon Fraser University in 2006.  She spent four years in Canada getting some hands-on experience in the field of rehabilitation, and then moved to Australia.  She was inspired to continue her education there, and earned her Doctor of Physiotherapy degree at Bond University.  She focused on methods for alleviating chronic pain, and developing and practicing her manual skills on various sporting teams, including premier men's soccer.  Amanda is also certified to perform acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute.

Since returning to Canada in 2013, Amanda returned to private practice, and has been the primary physiotherapist for the BC Women's and Canadian netball teams. This gives her a unique opportunity to travel nationally and internationally (Bermuda, Switzerland, Singapore), treating high-level amateur athletes.

Although she loves working at competitive sporting events and is an avid sports fan, Amanda has a special interest in serving and advocating for undervalued members of our community, including seniors.