Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is a key recovery, enhancement and injury prevention tool with long-lasting benefits.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, integrating sports massage therapy into your training schedule will prepare you for peak performance before, during and after any event.

Our RMTs use a range of compression and stretching techniques to rehabilitate soft tissue dysfunction, utilizing a specific mixture of myofascial therapies, sports massage techniques, stretching exercises and advice on exercises to integrate into your workouts.  We strive to reduce chronic strain patterns, injuries, improper training and trigger points so you can achieve a quick return to optimal athletic function.

Sports massage therapy has many physical as well as mental and emotional benefits:

Physical Benefits:

  • Increases blood circulation, lymph flow and oxygen
  • Eliminates lactic acid build-up
  • Reduces wait time between workouts
  • Increases ability and endurance
  • Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces muscle cramps and pain

Mental and Emotional Benefits:

  • Reduces mental stress and anxiety
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Calms a bad temper
  • Induces mental relaxation
  • Improves concentration
  • Enhances self-image
  • Provides a feeling of well-being

Whether you are a hard-working athlete or are new to exercise, sports massage therapy can benefit you!