Exercise Therapy

At Interactive Sports Clinic, we believe in movement as medicine. That is why we are happy to offer Exercise Therapy as part of our clinical approach to help you move more easily, feel less pain, get stronger and be healthier.

Exercise therapy focuses on a number of areas:

• postural and breathing retraining
• flexibility
• strength, and
• functional exercises

Our dedicated gym has:

• Therabands
• free weights
• balance apparatus
• Swiss balls
• foam rollers
• stationary bicycle

Exercise Therapy provides uninterrupted one-on-one instruction with a registered physiotherapist to ensure you reach your goals safely and efficiently. We can design and tailor a program to fit all individuals and all goals, and will start by compiling a complete health history, assessing physical baseline movements and setting goals. We will guide you while you go through the program, teaching and correcting as needed. To complement your one-on-one sessions, you will be provided with a specific take-away program for use on your own which can be modified as your progress evolves.

Whether you are just beginning an exercise regime, are recovering from or wanting to prevent injuries, or are looking for competitive, progressive training for demanding sports (triathlons, skiing, snowboarding, rugby, tennis, etc.), helping you move better is our priority.

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